Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Bands in 2023


From nylon bands to those made from leather, here are the best bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch 6!

The Galaxy Watch 5 series had its time in the limelight over the past year as one of the best Wear OS smartwatches, but its successor, the Galaxy Watch 6 series, is now here to replace it. The new lineup brings an improved display and other under-the-hood improvements, making it a reasonable buy. This means these new watches are bound to be the default pick for some of you, especially if pairing it with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Now, the included band will go a long way in terms of use, but you may want to swap it out if you want to make the watch feel more like it’s your own or if you want to use a different band material. To make your hunt for an alternate easier, we have listed some of the best options you should consider!

The best official Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series bands

The support for standard 20mm watch straps means the number of third-party options you can use with the Galaxy Watch 6 are countless, but if you’re looking for a seamless swapping experience or have some extra Samsung Credit, getting an official band will serve you well. Here are the best official straps to buy:

  • Samsung Extreme Sport T-Buckle Band
    Galaxy Watch Extreme Sport T-Buckle Band

    Silicone Alternative

    The Galaxy Watch Extreme Sport T-Buckle Band is perfect for fitness enthusiasts. It comes with air holes cut into the strap, allowing for ventilation and help in dealing with sweat build-up, keeping comfort at an all-time high. Its T-Buckle design will also ensure a tight lock to prevent the band from loosening during your workout.

  • Samsung Fabric Galaxy Watch Band
    Galaxy Watch Fabric Band

    Lightweight Option

    The Galaxy Watch Fabric Band prioritizes comfort with its choice of materials and lightweight nature. Fabric bands tend to fade away from your thoughts as you continue to wear them, and we’d bet this band will do the same. Also, as a bonus, Samsung uses reflective yarn to make this band, so it will be easy to spot in the dark.

  • Samsung Eco-Leather galaxy Watch Band
    Galaxy Watch Hybrid Eco-Leather T-Buckle Band

    Leather-like Material

    For environmentally-conscious people who appreciate the look of leather, the Galaxy Watch Eco-Leather T-Buckle Band is a great option. It oozes class due to its dual-stitch design and is a great-feeling band. It’s available in four colors, Black, Grey, Tan, and Blue, meaning you can pick and choose from them for the perfect pairing with your outfit.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Milanese Band
    Galaxy Watch Milanese Band

    Premium Pick

    And for those who love the feel of the metal but the simplicity of a magnetic clasp, the Galaxy Watch Milanese Loop is one heck of a purchase. Its stainless steel construction will add a premium feel to the smartwatch and coordinate well with your casual or formal outfits. It’s available in both Black and Silver to pair with the various colors of Galaxy Watch 6.

Third-party Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 bands

As mentioned, using a quick-release lug mechanism and 20mm standard size means the Galaxy Watch 6 will be compatible with a bucket load of third-party bands. So, if you’re looking for a finish that Samsung doesn’t offer or a more price-conscious option, here are the best third-party bands for Galaxy Watch 6:

  • HITZEE Magnetic Loop Sport Band
    HITZEE Magnetic Loop Sport Band

    Great Value

    The HITZEE Magnetic Loop Sport Band combines soft silicone with magnets and a ribbed design, creating a band that’s comfortable for daily use and quite stylish. The magnetic locking system makes it easy to quickly take the band off once home, adding convenience to the user experience. It’s available for purchase in seven different colors.

  • Spigen Lite Fit Band
    Spigen Lite Fit Band (20mm)

    Durable Fabric

    The Spigen Lite Fit Band is a cheap fabric band alternative using a buckle closure system, ensuring a tight fit. On the other hand, its material choice makes the band feel comfortable and lightweight. Its simple yet timeless design — and black color — allow it to pair with all your outfits without much trouble.

  • Ritche Quick Release Leather Band
    Ritche Quick Release Leather Band

    Affordable Leather

    The Ritchie Quick Release Leather Band is a standard watch strap whose 20mm variant will work with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, owing to its use of a standardized size. As for the band itself, it uses cowhide leather for the outer surface, while the inner side uses a soft-matte lining that helps increase comfort. The accessory is available in a lot of combinations to suit your taste.

  • Spigen Modern Fit
    Spigen Modern Fit for Galaxy Watch 6

    Affordable Metal

    The Spigen Modern Fit is a stainless steel band that adopts the common link design and keeps affordability at an all-time high, especially when it comes to metal bands. This strap will instantly add a classic air to your Galaxy Watch 6, and it’s available in three colors — Black, Silver, and Rose Gold — to ensure you can find the ideal combination.

  • BlackPro Silicone Sport Band
    BlackPro Silicone Sport Band

    Magnetic Clasp

    The BlackPro Silicone Sport Band is a unique option for the Galaxy Watch 6 due to its infinite possibilities in sizing, allowing you to pick a fit that’s not too tight or loose. In addition, the soft silicone will make it quite comfortable on your wrist. It’s also a more plain-looking silicone option if you want to maintain a minimalistic look and feel.

  • VeveXiao Sports Strap GW6
    VeveXiao Sports Strap

    Best Value

    The VeveXiao Sport Strap is an alternative to the default sports band in more ways than one, as it offers a very similar design. The added advantage here, or perhaps a differentiating factor, is its availability in 32 different color options and various designs, be it one with a dual-tone color finish or with holes for ventilation.

What band should you pick for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6?

As mentioned throughout this article, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 continues to use standardized quick-release 20mm bands; if you’ve owned a Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 (and some of the earlier models), you’re bound to own a collection of bands already. Each of these should work just fine with the Galaxy Watch 6.

But, if you’re planning on adding to your collection, consider some of the first-party bands that Samsung has made available to swap the bands a lot easier. Here, the Fabric Band and the Eco-Leather Band are favorites.

But if you’re a first-time owner and want to get a few alternates without spending too much, give the third-party options, like the ones from Spigen and BlackPro, a look, as they will bring a variety to your collection.


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